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Like few others, we know the processes involved in the topic of further training and the subtleties and levers that make your qualification measure a successful event with lasting added value. In order to support you in this, we offer you comprehensive services so that nothing is left to chance, from finding the right date to confirming participation. You can thus be sure that the benefit you are aiming for will be recognized as such by the participants.

Travel management

Time and cost optimization for your travel route.

We know that a smooth arrival and departure to and from events is an important prerequisite for all participants to optimally participate in your training measure or team event and to derive the greatest possible benefit from it. That is why we ensure that all participants (individuals or groups) arrive safely and relaxed in a short time from the desired starting point to the destination. A contact person is at your disposal for all matters concerning travel management.

Both at home and abroad, we ensure smooth processes and plan the best possible travel routes. We also cater to special requests: We will be happy to consider preferred seats or deadlines to be met in order to ensure that the participants have a pleasant and stress-free journey to and from their destination.

Our focus is on an appropriate time and cost optimization while at the same time striving for sustainable transport routes and means.
Reisemanagement by SPM 2000

Invitation management

The first and last impression count.

Everywhere, the first and last contact decides on the successful course of relationships and transactions. Whether prospects, customers or business partners, they all always judge by the first and last impression. That is why successful invitation management is the first step towards a comprehensive service that creates a long-term and positive relationship.

This is what we can do for you:

  • Reminders and “Save-the-Date” invitations in the run-up to the appointment
  • Create a positive 1st impression and, if necessary, “take away fear” by comprehensive information management for all parts of the event (from directions to equipment)
  • Response management including overview of commitments
Einladungsmanagement by SPM 2000
Trainer provision
Flexible and secure service.

We stand for efficient cooperation and continuity, commitment, reliability as well as always high commitment in thinking and acting. As a link between trainer supply and demand, we offer flexible trainer services for a variety of topics with our intelligent training management.

What do you get from our “trainer package”?

  • Flexible availability of a professional team of trainers, without the need to recruit them on your own
  • New impulses for your training department through the variety of methods of our trainers
  • Professional and nationwide uniform implementation of your training concepts
Price/conditions: on request
Proof of participation
We are pleased that we could welcome you to one of our further training courses.
We issue certificates of attendance for participation in our training courses and qualifications. We use various security features in order to make the acquired certificate forgery-proof. The certificates of participation are individualized and prove the participation on the exact dates according to the requirements of our certification.
The validity of the certificate can be clearly verified via an individual code on our homepage. Certificates are issued only after successful verification. You can find more information here:
Zertifikate by SPM 2000