Targeted training

Targeted trainings
Our trainings are individual, targeted, strenuous, fun and above all extremely successful.

We do everything for success

In our trainings we leave nothing to chance and pay attention to every detail that increases the training success.

In doing so, we rely on our methodological expertise and draw on the experience gained from thousands of training sessions for corporate teams from various industries.

We set

What we pay attention to in individual trainings

SPM 2000: Further training for managers
SPM 2000: Further training for managers

Making teams more successful

We do intensive brain training: exhausting, sometimes even unpleasant, but always highly effective.

At the beginning of our trainings we set clear goals. They make the success of our trainings measurable and spur the teams on to better performance.

Our focus is on practical skills. Only 20 to 30 percent of our training content is knowledge transfer. The rest is practice, practice, practice: in groups, in pairs, individually – depending on what brings the greatest success.

Despite all the effort, fun is also an important part of our trainings. Fun has been proven to increase the effectiveness of training. Fun and humor also help to weld teams together and keep them focused on a common goal.

To this end, we also take advantage of group dynamics. In the course of countless trainings we have developed antennas for the subtlest vibrations in teams and use the existing dynamics to increase the learning success of the group.

SPM 2000: Graphic 20-30 % knowledge transfer, 70-80 % practising, 100 % fun for success

Examples of training content