Our team is deliberately diverse. We are committed to the result and therefore always determine the trainer who best fits the client and their goals.

  • We are good
  • We are practical
  • We bring performance

The right trainer, the right coach for every client and for every goal.

Team with identical values
We are different types, but we represent the same values, are equally highly competent and unconditionally committed to success.

Our core team

SPM 2000: Torsten Roth, Geschäftsführer, Coach und Trainer

Dr. Torsten Roth

Managing Director/Trainer

As a managing director and doctor of organisational psychology, competences in business, leadership and sales are a matter of course. Networked thinking makes up my strategic leadership in organisational development. From competitive sports I have the unconditional passion to identify with goals and to achieve them.

SPM 2000: Sophie Möschen, Coach und Trainerin

Sophie Möschen

Operations Management/Trainer

I bring clarity to the projects and ensure that the individual components are interlinked in a goal-oriented way. As a philologist, I am trained in pattern recognition and can translate between systems of thought. I enjoy working out new behavioural strategies that really lead to improvement.

SPM 2000: Fritz Herold, Coach und Trainer

Fritz Herold

Training Management/Trainer

It fascinates me to find parallels and overlaps in all areas of the working world and to translate them between the generations. I carry the idea of always surpassing oneself from sport into the business world. Through the strong desire to help my counterpart, I pull along until we find the right solution together.

SPM 2000: Valerina Gashi, Coach und Trainerin

Valerina Gashi

Customer Management/Trainer

Having grown up in two cultures, I am open to always learning new things and live intercultural communication every day. With this passion, I bring people together and motivate them to tackle and constantly develop.

SPM 2000: Kristin Brückner, Büro

Kristin Brückner

Operation support

As the good soul of the office, I make everything possible so that the office works. This ranges from preparing offers to invoicing, from contracts to hotel bookings. I always have an open ear and an open door for my colleagues, because it’s important to me that the team is doing well and everything has its place.

SPM 2000: Francesca Schrader, Büro

Francesca Schrader

Office employee

As an office and training support staff member, I am part of the SPM 2000 infrastructure. My responsibilities include controlling budgets, documenting days of service and posting incoming invoices.

SPM 2000: Samira Frank, Auszubildende

Samira Frank


I am the youngest member of the team and an event management trainee. At the seminar centre, I am learning how to organise events. I particularly enjoy dealing with the guests.

SPM 2000: Benjamin, Coach und Trainer



As an expert in sales, I empower leaders to analyse and focus their resources. I work pragmatically at every reporting level to help people reach their goals by thinking differently. To achieve this, I communicate honestly and directly, yet always cordially and at eye level with my counterpart.

SPM 2000: Jörg Fruehauf, Coach und Trainer



I am all about supporting people to become a better version of themselves. To do this, I use agile methods and transfers from sport in a positive, appreciative atmosphere. In sales, for me, it’s all about diligence and structure, because that’s what makes a professional: Always knowing exactly what to work on.

SPM 2000: Dirk, Coach und Trainer



A solid problem is a good start … I am creative, pragmatic and like to think outside the box. I have gathered my experience in sales and leadership around the globe. Inspiring people with aha-effects, putting a sparkle in their eyes – that’s what I stand for!

SPM 2000: Stefan, Coach und Trainer



I love being a coach because I can change people and their skills for the better. With my hands-on mentality, I tackle challenges, work on and with people and go straight to the goal. This honest euphoria sweeps others along and opens up new perspectives for them.