Project work: from analysis to achievement of objectives

Comprehensive project work
We analyse every detail to identify the true causes of problems and successfully combat them.

The environment in which people work shapes their behavior

We look at dozens of factors that can affect the performance of employees and companies as a whole.

This holistic view enables us to identify the true causes of problems.

In addition to this analytical part, our project work always includes the definition of clear goals and the implementation of measures.

We accompany the implementation on the job and ensure that the measures work.

At every stage, we identify with our clients and adapt our approach to local conditions and stakeholders.

Where does our project work start?

SPM 2000: Graphic project work: Self-learning systems according to the top-down and bottom-up principle

Top down and bottom up principle

We establish self-learning systems according to the top-down and bottom-up principle and, based on our experience from hundreds of projects, provide impulses to the executive board, the management and the employees.

Move organizations forward

Companies often make assumptions about the causes of problems:

Our performance is poor because our people do not keep track on the numbers.
The mood is bad because the workers are overworked
Qualified employees leave us because the competition pays better

Because such assumptions are often wrong, countermeasures do not work.

Our view from the outside helps to identify the true causes of problems and to take the right measures. We question things that are taken for granted and also examine processes that the customer assumes are running well.

  • In order to uncover weaknesses in the system, we analyze every detail and in addition to the business model and customers, we also look at the premises, the relationships between employees and between employees and managers, the sales processes and many other parameters.
  • Based on this analytical foundation, we work with our clients to create a project plan with measures, goals, schedule, project management, communication and quality control.
  • We make all objectives measurable and take full responsibility for their achievement with our bonus-malus system.
  • In the course of the project we set milestonesWe constantly check whether we are achieving them and provide information on how to achieve them.

Our measures usually consist of a combination of training and coaching on the job. They are tailored to customers and are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

SPM 2000: Graphic: The view from outside helps to identify the real causes of problems in companies

Examples of project work