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Every customer is different
Companies, executives and teams are very different. We respond to this challenge with individually developed coaching and training concepts for each client.

Specialized in corporations

We specialize in corporations because we want to make a difference in the world of work. We appreciate the challenges of the complex corporate culture. The unique aspect of working with corporations is the high standards and diverse regulations, which we meet with many years of expertise, our certified quality management and framework agreements.


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Chiara BruhnChiara Bruhn
10:47 19 Nov 22
Die einwöchige intensive Weiterbildung war eine unglaublich interessante, fordernde und lehrreiche Zeit. Das ist dem super Team von SPM2000 zu verdanken! Angefangen bei einer tollen Organisation vor und nach dem Workshop sowie der herzlichen Betreuung durch Valerina und Samira während der gesamten Zeit. Unsere Trainer Torsten und Romy haben uns bestens auf die Prüfung vorbereitet. Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten - ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Training bei Euch.
18:29 28 Oct 22
Wie empfande ich die Weiterbildung:1. Kurzes aber sehr intensives Training mit vielen praxisbezogenen Beispielen und Präsentationen.2. Kompetente Wissensvermittlung wo auch der Spaß nicht zu kurz kommt.3. Erstklassige Pausenbetreuung inklusive Getränke und Snacks. 4. Ich habe viel über mich selbst kennengelernt.Ein Dank an meine Trainer, Torsten und Romy 🙂
Cenk PusatCenk Pusat
11:50 27 Oct 22
Angefangen von den hightech Räumlichkeiten bis hin zum unfassbar professionellen Team, war alles großartig!Besonderer Dank geht raus an: Samira, Valerina, Romy und Torsten!Vielen Dank für die schöne Zeit in Leipzig!Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns in zwei Jahren zum refresher wieder 🙂
Ufuk KirazogluUfuk Kirazoglu
14:36 29 Jul 22
Wenn Spiel, Spaß und Disziplin auf Flexibilität, Engagement und Nachhaltigkeit trifft, entsteht SPM2000!Trainings, Workshops & Coaching sind immer auf den Teilnehmer zugeschnitten und bringen grundsätzlich einen Mehrwert mit sich mit. Vielen Dank an das gesamte Team für die erfolgreiche und vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit.
12:39 20 Jan 22
Die Coachings mit Romy und Ben sind von Herzlichkeit und einer hohen Kompetenz geprägt. Trotz der herausfordernden Corona Richtlinien, haben wir es geschafft, verschiedene Führungskräfte- und Mitarbeitercoachings durchzuführen. Die Coachings sind individuell an uns Mitarbeiter angepasst und praxisorientiert, sodass ich nach jedem Gespräch mit mindestens einer Erkenntnis raus gegangen bin. Definitiv eine Empfehlung!

Project examples

SPM 2000: Logo of customer Telefonica

Disruption of workflows through lockdown and home office.

Goal: To support managers in achieving their goals with regard to customers (accessibility, service contact) against the backdrop of the abruptly changed work reality (new work, home office).

Due to the Covid lockdown, a large number of employees were suddenly in home offices.

Our task was to maintain key indicators and employee loyalty under these completely changed working conditions.

Solution: Building a digital leadership culture: leading at a distance, team agility, virtual routines.


  1. Coach-the-Coach: team kickoffs, short feedbacks, target discussions
  2. Short training sessions on changing communication routines, quality evaluations, etc.
  3. Knowledge collection on sentence building blocks in customer contact

Result: Stable figures despite rapid changes in work organization in the home office.

SPM 2000: Logo of customer Deutsche Post

Team with different strengths, weaknesses and performance levels.

Goal: Modular education for managers (training managers and trainers) to expand their methodological competencies in front of employees and customers.

Solution: Assess individual strengths and weaknesses of participants, form training groups based on ability, and provide training to groups based on need.


  1. Potential analysis (concept and implementation)
  2. Individual training program (concept and implementation)
  3. Accompanying method training and coaching in practice

Result: The tailored training enables the participants to act as multipliers. They approach employees and customers in a motivated and targeted manner, and their satisfaction increases.

SPM 2000: Logo of customer congstar

Brand values have little influence on teams and do not penetrate through to customers.

Goal: Positive change in customer relationships through internalization of brand values and application in customer communications.

Solution: Development and implementation of a communication concept to translate the brand values from theory into everyday work. Training of methodological competence among managers and employees.


  1. Development of a project schedule with the executives (executive kickoff)
  2. Training with specialists and managers (coach-the-coach), 50% practical application by passing on the methods learned to the employee
  3. Coach-the-Coach-Refresher in day-to-day business

Result: Managers, employees learned to apply abstract brand values in their daily work. Behavioral patterns and customer communication were brought into line with the brand values. Customer satisfaction was increased.


We will be happy to send you our unabridged references upon request.

Continuation of business operations in lockdown

“During the rapid implementation of this home office solution, SPM 2000 supported our specialists and managers at two of our 9 locations in the topics of leading, training and coaching with virtual media (…) Special thanks go to Dr. Torsten Roth and his project managers, who proceeded in an extremely flexible, independent and cooperative manner.”

Director Customer Service & Sales

Promoting cooperation and further development of top management

“SPM 2000 succeeded in linking theory and practice. Thus, contents on communication, personality typologies, team roles and phases, goal work and classical leadership tasks could be successfully conveyed in various indoor and outdoor contexts. (…) Dr. Torsten Roth and his colleagues distinguish themselves through operational flexibility, coupled with professional competence from organizational psychology, corporate management and the call center world.”

Director Customer Service & Sales

Organizational development to sustainably increase sales, quality and efficiency potentials

“The measure, implemented jointly with SPM 2000, represents one of the largest employee development programs within the contact center industry, with a seven-figure total volume. The measure is individual, interactive and multidimensional. It takes into account the individual starting situation, integrates the strengths of the participants and uses several main levers and a variety of methods.”

Director Customer Service & Sales

Professionalization and standardization of communication at locations throughout Europe

“All participants emphasized that SPM 2000’s work addressed their individual needs in a way that had never been achieved by a training provider before. In addition, our managers received important and helpful consulting impulses, in which the professionalism and many years of experience of SPM 2000 can be clearly felt.”

Head of PTP First Level Support

Deepen competencies in professional communication virtually

“The flexibility and commitment of SPM 2000’s trainers and coaches has again inspired us. The digital trainings were characterized by methodical creativity and enabled teamwork and experiences on a new virtual level. In particular, the varied competitive character and the playful repetition element made us forget the spatial limitations.”

Head of PTP First Level Support

Positivizing the customer relationship by applying the brand values

“We decided to cooperate with SPM 2000 for the following reasons:

  1. Industry experience and know-how of SPM 2000,
  2. The practical methodology and approach proposed by SPM 2000, which takes into account operational concerns. The flexible, individual approach was adapted to our needs and the requirements of the different locations.
  3. SPM 2000 has the necessary size to work at multiple sites at the same time and at the same high quality.”

Head of Service | Congstar GmbH

Organizational development to improve quality and sales values

“I appreciate that SPM 2000 succeeded in bringing about an individual change in behavior among the employees and managers involved. The investment has more than paid off for us, as the target figures have been slowly but steadily achieved, as predicted. To date, the project is performing at a high level and has already paid for itself more than three times over.”


Increasing the leadership competence of top and middle management

“SPM 2000 managed to ensure a consistent style throughout the entire effort, despite the variety of projects and more than 10 different trainers in total.”


Talent program to increase leadership skills in the sales context

“The team of trainers from SPM 2000 knew how to quickly adapt to our people from “Mobile Sales” and gain the trust of the participants. All trainers originally came from sales, which was a common denominator and a solid basis of the cooperation. A particular strong point was the practical relevance in the training modules (…) our management team was able to profit from this in abundance.”

Management Board, Vertriebsgesellschafts MBH of Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden

Expansion of management competence and interlinking of management levels

“This approach made us also aware of the importance of every little detail in leadership development (…) to achieve an excellent result with sustainable positive behavioral optimization.”

Management Board, Vertriebsgesellschafts MBH of Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden

Increase customer satisfaction

“Thus, this multidimensional approach of SPM 2000 ensured that a significant and sustainable NPS increase (by around 30 points) was achieved in just three months. We had never before achieved such success with any other measure, especially in such a short period of time”.

Vice President Customer Operations, Unitymedia BW GbmH

Management development and trainer training

“The development of my managers and internal training resources is impressive. The results are clearly recognizable and measurable for us and have not only brought structural improvement for the entire center. (…) The increase in competence has an overall positive impact on employee satisfaction and supports performance.”

Branch Manager Ticket Online Sales & Service Center GmbH

Multi-level training for trainers with different levels of prior knowledge

“Based on the potential analysis, SPM 2000 developed an individual training manager course including a best practice teaching approach for implementation in practice. SPM 2000, very successful in the management and implementation of complex training projects, convinced us through the professional practical transfer, the acceptance of the participants as well as the consistently excellent results.”

Managing Director, Deutsche Post Customer Service GmbH

Organizational development for a uniform understanding of service across all channels and hierarchical levels nationwide

“The method transfer to sustainability has reinforced that we are working with absolute professionals in this field and SPM 2000 is really interested in the longevity of achieving goals for us as a customer. From our point of view, the goals set were achieved through the interlocked approach. (…) SPM 2000 was recommended to us and now, with this reference, we are also happy to recommend SPM 2000 to others, as everything was described in a minimalistic but nevertheless concrete manner, executed precisely and achieved unerringly – whereby this was achieved “only” through the soft skills of the managers and employees.”

Management, Deutsche Annington Kundenservice GmbH

Competence enhancement for junior managers

“For me, the style of SPM 2000 in its methodical approach is always impressive. The SPM 2000 trainers manage to noticeably develop the participants’ social and communication skills. (…) The entire SPM 2000 team has an excellent understanding of how to quickly build trust and motivate participants.”

Head of Central Help Desk at DB Systel GmbH

Increase in sales figures in Germany and at offshore locations

“The success of the measure is reflected on the one hand in the positive development of the conversion rate, which was significantly increased during the project period. On the other hand, they are expressed in the satisfaction of the participants. Thus, the employees rated the training overall with a grade of 1.5 and indicated that they would like to receive further training by SPM 2000.”

Chairman of the Board exciting AG