Coaching on the Job

Pull the biggest lever
In our coaching sessions, we identify the behaviors whose change will have the greatest impact.

Accompaniment on the job

In our coaching sessions on the job, we accompany managers and employees in their daily work.

We observe, ask and listen.

And thus find the lever that moves the most in the shortest time.

What makes our coaching sessions special?

SPM 2000: Graphic Coaching on the Job
SPM 2000: Graphic Coaching on the Job

In our coaching sessions we combine different methods in a unique way.

Promote individuals

Our coaches accompany the coachees in their daily work, observe, ask questions, listen and give feedback. The goal is to improve the coachees’ job-related skills directly on the job in the shortest possible time.

To achieve this, our coaches figure out which behavioral changes will allow coachees to have the greatest impact.

These levers are like “blind spots” that the coached themselves cannot see. Our coaches track them down, for example, by asking about the coachees’ strengths and weaknesses, and then picking up where the coachees’ self-perceptions and our coaches’ observations do not match.

Our coaches show coachees what behaviors they need to change to achieve better results. Based on thousands of coaching sessions for corporate clients, they give advice, share experiences, and model how to change behavior.

Coaching for us is always about helping people to help themselves. Therefore commitment coaching is a central component of our approach. This method is characterized by the coachees making a self-commitment about what they will work on after the coaching.

SPM 2000: Graphic: With coaching, companies achieve their goals

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