Our methods

Interlocking methods
Our Project work, Trainings and Coachings on the Job interlock, reinforce each other and increase success for our customers.

SPM 2000: Graphic project work, coaching and training. Achieving goals through the interaction of project work, coaching and training

The combination of training and coaching on the job is what makes our measures so successful.

The specific situation and the goal determine how intensivly and in which sequence we use which method. Thanks to our experience and our holistic view of the organization, we recognize on what we must focus on in order to achieve the greatest effect.

SPM 2000: Training for managers, coaching on the job, coaching companies

Project work

Training and coaching move organizations forward. But the structures and the environment also shape the behavior of employees. That’s why we take a close look at the organization as a whole and optimize a wide range of factors that affect the performance of corporate groups.

SPM 2000: Training and education for managers


In trainings, teams build knowledge and learn how to behave more effectively in certain situations. We use the trainers who best fit the group, the goal and the training content. They guide the groups methodically, impart knowledge and practice likewise, correct and encourage the participants.

SPM 2000: Reaching goals with coaching on the job

Coaching on the Job

In coaching on the job, we accompany managers and employees in their daily work for a certain period of time. We observe, give feedback and support the coachees in implementing the knowledge they have acquired in the training and in practicing new behaviors.