Business coaching and training for corporations

We train the behavioural competence of teams and managers in corporate groups. We demonstrate successful behaviours and coach managers and employees to put them into practice. Through constant practice, the new behaviors become second nature – just as movements repeated thousands of times by athletes become part of their muscle memory.

Would you like to train your behavioral skills and achieve better results?

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We know the problem

The loss of skilled workers hinders the development of the group. Know-how is lost, orders remain unfilled for too long.

Employees are dissatisfied, cooperation suffers, and performance drops.

The numbers show that performance is falling short of expectations. But the Group does not know why.

Successful interventions

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Disruption of workflows through lockdown

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Different performance levels in the team

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Brand values do not get through to customers

How corporations can make their teams more successful

Project work

We take a holistic view of corporations and examine all performance-relevant factors down to the smallest detail. In this way, we identify the true causes of problems and can take the appropriate measures.


In our trainings we leave nothing to chance and pay attention to every detail that increases success.


Through observation, questioning, and listening, we find the behaviors whose change will have the greatest impact.

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Our project work, trainings and coaching interlock and amplify each other.

Why groups cooperate with SPM 2000

Experience from thousands of coaching and training sessions for corporations

Practice-proven trainers and coaches from the operative field

Measurability of results through target agreements

Full accountability with bonus-malus system

Selection of success-oriented measures according to the principle of maximum impact

The right thing in the right order: diversity of methods instead of isolated solutions

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The right coach for every problem

The most important factor in choosing a trainer or coach at SPM 2000 is always the success of the client.

Not all coaches are the same, and not all trainers are the same. We deliberately select our coaches and trainers according to who best fits a group and a company, who has the most knowledge on a topic, who brings the most practical experience.

Our corporate DNA

We are passionate about success. It is our mission to achieve our customers’ goals. These are the principles on which we base ourselves:

Values SPM 2000: goal-oriented, measurable, practical, custom-fit, diverse, sustainable, human, confident

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