Sales and service

Sell more on customer satisfaction and personality.

Selling is as old as human society. Because of this, many believe it cannot be learned. But in the age of digitalization and globalization, selling has a new significance. Of course, it is important to know the classic sales models such as the sales ramp, but they are no longer decisive for sustainable sales. Get to know and use the latest sales psychology methods from initial consultation to holistic customer care, taking into account industry specifics (e.g. real estate, insurance, retail, etc.)


  • Classic sales models
  • Emotional basic setting
  • Customer types and associated persuasion strategies
  • Media specification (chat, written, call or presence)
  • Sustainable customer satisfaction incl. Cancellation Protection and Best Recension
  • Individual/personal sales structure

Duration and price

2 days, 1.390 € p. p. plus VAT


20.-21.02.2025, alternatively on request.

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