Digital empathy 2.0

Conscious handling and targeted use of emotions.

In this workshop, you’ll develop strategies for recognizing the needs of others across the digital divide and meeting people where they are. They learn to drive complex issues forward in virtual teams and to shape them together rather than side by side. Through increased understanding of the other person, you can better guide conversations and discussions, and thus more effectively achieve goals and results.


  • High level of practical relevance, as one situation per participant from everyday work is practiced (from virtual meetings to remote project support)
  • Interactive integration of media and formats from the new digital professional world (from telco room to livestream)


  • Recognizing needs and motives in the counterpart
  • Understanding group dynamics remotely and using them in new media
  • Better handling of one’s own emotions and focusing of factual goals
  • Moderation techniques to increase digital assertiveness
  • 1. help kit for the jungle of information, media, channels and distractions.

Duration and price

2 days, 1.390 € p. p. plus VAT


22.03.2024-23.03.2024, alternatively upon request.

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