Training as a digital business coach

How can I convince and professionally guide others in the digital world.

In an optimal mix of theory and practice, you will learn the basics of human communication in the focus of virtual education and training as well as how to convince and professionally guide other people. In addition to technical content (see below), familiarization with SPM 2000-specific methods and content will enable you to start your career as a digital business coach. Upon successful completion of the examination, a cooperation in our team with focus on further development is announced. Read more in our flyer.


  • Communication in the corporate world
  • Numbers/Targets work
  • Sales and service
  • Coaching and training approaches

The training is composed of the modules:

04.01.2023 Training group 1
14.01.2023 Training group 2

05.01.203 Training group 1
15.01.2023 Training group 2

11.01.2023 Training group 1
20.01.2023 Training group 2

12-13.01.2023 Training group 1
21-22.01.2022 Training group 2


Universally successful communication strategies are drawn from a variety of professional/industry experiences.


1600 € p.p. plus VAT

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