Training as a digital business coach

Provide spontaneous and confident assistance in the digital world.

Instruct employees in the home office or quickly get them excited about the new product online? Even after three years of remote work, providing spontaneous and confident assistance in the digital world is not easy for every specialist and manager. With lots of interaction, feedback and practical examples from your own everyday work, you will train virtual skills in business coaching: from camera presence to entrepreneurial thinking to goal-oriented digital media use. The Digital Business Coach training includes an exam. Upon successful completion, we issue a digitally verifiable certificate.


  • Communication in the corporate world
  • Empathy and transparency in digital
  • Creating understanding with numbers and goals
  • Interrelationships Sales and Service
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Practice-oriented coaching approaches

The training is composed as follows:

Date: 20.08.2024

Components: Getting to know each other; Establishing rules for togetherness; Alignment of expectations.

Date: 21.08.2024

Learning objective: Acquire a basic understanding of the role of the business coach and live key competencies.

Components: Giving and receiving feedback; purpose and functioning of coaching on the job; specifics of digital communication incl. Camera work

Date: 22.08.2024

Learning Goal: Understand and use self-/external management tools in a business context and sales techniques.

Components: Establishing commitment through internal and external goal work; working with auxiliary key figures and regularities; procedure in modern sales.

Date: 27.08.2024

Learning objective: Know approaches to expanding customer relationships and practice dealing with challenges in a professional manner

Components: Reconciling Sales and Service; Dealing with Resistance in Sales, Customer Service and Coaching; Dealing with Escalations in Business

Date: 28.08.2024

Learning objective: Structure knowledge and support the coachee in a goal-oriented manner in a virtual context

Components: structuring principles for brain-based learning; visualization in coaching; reflective use of technology.

Date: 29.08.2024

Components: practical examination; written examination


Universally successful communication strategies are drawn from a variety of professional/industry experiences.


1.795 € p.p. plus VAT

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