The “star model” – as an organizational model of the future?

SPM 2000: Star model
Photo: SPM 2000
The new way of learning.

For decades, there have been the classic organizational forms such as line, multi-line, and matrix organizations.

But the world of work, with its employees of the z, y and x generations, its leadership styles from authoritarian to transactional, its working methods from lean to agile and its spatiality from present to virtual etc., has changed rapidly in recent years and months.

Let’s indulge in a little excursion into what could develop even faster, more efficiently and more harmoniously in a new type of organization than before.

The sketch is intended to show what in fact should be and has always been the focus, the customer. But how sustainable, healthy, economical and appreciative this happens also depends a lot on the organizational framework in which the system can develop.

But who sets the framework, if not us …

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