Is the boom of “call centers” unstoppable?

SPM 2000: Training for call centre managers
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The new importance of personal customer service.

The trend of recent years to increasingly reduce personal contact, use artificial intelligence, strengthen self-service and thus deploy fewer and fewer employees in telephone, written or virtual customer contact seems to be over. Not because contact reduction didn’t work, but simply because personal customer service from afar is taking on a whole new meaning right now.

Of course, because of Corona, you will now think. But Corona, in addition to the transformational megatrend, has only accelerated the fact that brick-and-mortar retail, for example, is struggling with declining customer numbers and, in turn, the online channel is growing rapidly. But where can customers turn if they have questions? How will he decide on the next purchase if he has not reached a person quickly and easily?

And now imagine that the employee you reach quickly is also competent, empathetic and solution-oriented. How nice that would be, then you could buy online with a clear conscience more often without having to go anywhere and not only because of Corona, but also because of the time saved. Time that could well be spent on more important things.

The future comes one way or another and then Corona is over or is part of everyday life, and then what happens? What has stood the test of time stays, and what you couldn’t consume, you catch up on very quickly. But which companies will you do that with? As the saying goes, for better or for worse….

If you now believe that this will happen in the coming months and years, what or which key figure should you pay attention to in the “CallCenter” now?

On accessibility, cost-per-minute, conversation rate, cross-selling, employee fluency, human competency, health rates, home office (#virtualproximity), productivity hours, or just on first resolution rate (#Recontact) and sales satisfaction (#Promoter). If you were “just” a customer, what would your response be?

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