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An interview with Ulf Michaelis, Director Customer Service & Sales at Telefónica Deutschland / O2.

O2 ‘s customer service recently achieved notable successes in the mobile hotline test conducted by the trade magazine connect and in the Telecom Handel readers’ poll, among others. We spoke with Ulf Michaelis, Director Customer Service & Sales at Telefónica Deutschland / O2, about the role training plays in service success.

The results speak for themselves: In the connect hotline tests, O2 now regularly occupies one of the top places – most recently ranking second overall in the mobile hotline comparison. What’s more, according to the latest Telecom Handel retailer survey, you and your team offer the best retailer hotline in Germany. What role does the training factor play in excellent service? Which parameters play a role from your point of view?

Michaelis: You first need a clear analysis of what you want to train in the first place. In addition, the results must be reliably measurable. It must become clear whether or not training has brought the desired success. With a view to implementation, core objectives must be formulated, fields of action identified and tailored methodologies developed.

Why did you choose SPM 2000 as your partner for training?

The colleagues at SPM 2000 are characterized by a “hands-on” mentality. They offer concrete assistance to our employees in the training situation and immediately point out potential for optimization. Practical and customer-oriented. It is not uncommon for the sessions to create an “aha” effect in the team, and this builds confidence in the effectiveness of the approaches and methods trained. Our managers and own coaches also benefit from the transparent and targeted analysis of the training results. After all, they are the ones who will continue to monitor and control the implementation of the training content in practice.

Why do you trust an external service provider at this point?

Michaelis: Particularly in the area of training, an external service provider offers a decisive advantage: An external partner is able to assess a situation or a process neutrally and from the outside – with external glasses. The colleagues at SPM 2000 can also draw on extensive experience and specialist expertise from other industries.

There is a wide range of training service providers. How did SPM 2000 convince you?

Michaelis: SPM 2000 convinced us with its training approaches. Our industry is very dynamic. The needs of our customers change almost daily. Moreover, our competitors are not standing still. It is important for us to always have our finger on the pulse of the times and to be able to react appropriately to changes. With SPM 2000, we have a partner at our side who shares this philosophy.

Mr. Michaelis, thank you for the interview.

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