Employee incentives

Team building On the job

To inspire people for new knowledge and new behavior patterns without losing sight of the fun factor. We achieve this through our real team building measures and our lived incentives.

Team building

From individuals to a team.

True to our motto “The team is always more than the sum of its parts” we work in team building towards an increase in performance that goes beyond what the individual can achieve. This is as necessary as it is difficult, especially in high management, where extremely different personalities with strong wills and competitive careers come together. We achieve this change because of our experience in dealing with the whole range of conflict management and a structured, commitment-creating approach.

The following components make our team-building measures unique:

  • Individual conception on the basis of an individual psychological analysis
  • Workshops with a wide range of content and methods, which can react flexibly and creatively to group dynamics
  • Combination of indoor and outdoor elements and phases of calm (mutual open reflection) and tension (emotionalization)
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On the job

Motivate your employees in the long term through a sense of achievement.

Find out the maximum result that can be achieved for a key figure in a defined period of time. You can achieve this through our real and experience-based incentives.

  • Gamification and middle telephony by SPM 2000 trainers and internal specialists and managers
  • Support through small profits
  • Focus on employees who would otherwise not win at incentives, e.g. through team prizes or increase rates
Your benefits range from increased commissions and new formulation for maximum fun and increased employee satisfaction. Obviously, we also think about documentation and evaluation.
On The Job