USP – How we differentiate ourselves from others

Individualization Behavioral competence  ROI – bonus/penalty Scientifically substantiated Focus on soft skills

We see ourselves as problem solvers for the social-interactive and communicative challenges of our customers. In order to fulfill this solution-oriented challenge, we work in a more result-oriented manner and with a higher flexibility closer to and with people.


This is because we want to achieve goals together!

Contrary to the usual strategy of market penetration and product development, SPM 2000 focuses on product development as a joint process with the customers. Concepts are created individually and the range of services can include different training, education, management or multimedia design services, depending on the customer’s requirements.
Our goal is mutual development and joint growth in line with business requirements.
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Behavioral competence

The central unique selling point of SPM 2000 is the focus on behavioral competence.

We understand this to mean the ability to behave competently and appropriately in different professional contexts. Social and professional dimensions play a role in this case.
Transferred to advanced training, this means: In contrast to knowledge competence, the teaching of behavioral competence is not about implementing (abstract) knowledge or developing new theoretical content, but about applying it in practice and developing new methods for practice. Scientific findings form the basis for this and can also be the goal of our work. Our trainings are result and behavior-oriented and focus on the area of soft skills, with a focus on communication, effective leadership and sustainability.

Verhaltenskompetenz SPM2000
ROI – bonus/penalty
Guaranteed results through return-on-investment.
We let ourselves be measured by our results – for us this is not just a phrase, but lived reality. We identify with your goals and work together with you to achieve them. As a result guarantee, we offer bonus/penalty regulations for performance projects, usually +/- 20%.
Examples of successful company training with SPM 2000 can be found here.

Scientifically substantiated

We live for advanced training!

It is our claim to work on a scientific basis and to create comprehensible, i.e. measurable standards. We achieve this, for example, through continuous advanced training or by evaluating our methods within the framework of a research project lasting several years. In addition, we mainly work on KPI-controlled projects on a number basis, implement transparency in our processes internally and externally and allow ourselves to be measured by our results.
The majority of our permanent employees and trainers have an academic background and bring along competences from the humanities, social sciences, sports and economics. We consider the diversity of training and life paths in our team to be our strength, since it provides new impulses and constant changes in perspective. Due to the biographies of our team members, our approaches and methods are shaped by high-performance sports. This includes the will to achieve common goals, the focus on results and a structured approach to challenges that takes into account a variety of factors.
Conclusion: We live for advanced training! Be it through extra-occupational qualifications, our own research work or extra-professional commitment.

Focus on soft skills
Personal, social and methodical skills for professional success.
For entrepreneurial performance, an organization needs not only high professional qualifications, but also a high level of social competence. This means that managers and employees must have the ability to deal successfully with colleagues and customers and to act in changing contexts according to their goals. Soft skills are the ‘soft factors’ that determine private and professional success in an interdisciplinary way as personal, social or methodical competences. We are specialized in the development of these factors and their transfer into result-oriented action. We do not only focus on the individual, but on the interaction of the entire organization. We promote a self-responsible, proactive and networked approach across hierarchies and thus form the basis for agility in companies.
On the basis of the technical know-how that is a prerequisite, SPM 2000 trains the socially interactive as well as communicative knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the desired goals. Together with you – our client – we define the appropriate training, coaching and consulting for your managers, employees, instructors and trainers.
Softskill im Fokus

As a result, your company achieves, for example:

  • Better service quality
  • More customer satisfaction
  • Higher sales volumes
  • More leadership skills
  • Better training and education quality
  • More target-oriented mode of operation
  • Better cooperation
  • More efficient work organization
  • Higher work motivation
Our goal is to inspire people for new knowledge, to promote their potential and to support them in their daily work in personality development in a decisive and practical way.