Employee and customer surveys

Primary analysis Evaluation Prediction

We work in a result-oriented manner in the field of advanced training. This also implies the professional collection, evaluation and preparation of data and figures. We are happy to make this knowledge available to you. In the internal area, we carry out quality surveys or the measurement of the organizational climate for you. In the external area, we develop customer surveys.

Mitarbeiter und Kundenbefragung SPM2000

The following steps comprise our holistic approach:

  1. Primary analysis for the initial investigation of phenomena
  2. Secondary analysis for in-depth analysis of existing data
  3. Development of the measuring instrument
  4. Development of the measurement method under consideration of number of incidents, measurement cycles and measurement types
  5. Evaluation according to statistical methods
  6. Interpretation of results
  7. Practical application to determine the significance for practice
  8. Forecast for the theoretical assumption of further development
  9. Practical integration for the implementation in practice according to the goal
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