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With our seminar program, we offer seminars and training courses for the entire spectrum of the working world, from young professionals to experienced professionals. Whether you are a specialist or manager, trainer or consultant – we focus on your individual professional development. By attending our training courses, you or your employees will become more efficient in communication and in dealing with other people. And this leads to more success, e.g. in customer contact, in negotiations, in sales, in leadership or in many other communication and presentation situations.

Junior coach/ junior trainer

Entry into profession as a business trainer at SPM 2000

In an optimal mix of theory and practice, you will learn the basics of human communication with the aim of convincing and professionally guiding others. In addition to technical content (see below), you will be introduced to the SPM 2000 specific methods and contents, which will enable you to start your career as a business trainer. Upon successful completion of the examination, we will work together in our team with a focus on further development.
Suitable for: Career starters in the area of education/further training regardless of age or current position.
Schulung nach Maße by SPM 2000

The training consists of the following modules:

€ 3,200 per person plus VAT (excluding discount of 50% for active cooperation)

General trainer
Convince people and guide them professionally.

This advanced training will teach you the decisive success methods of human communication and social interaction in a condensed form. Core points are:

  • Communication and interaction in the group
  • Dealing with difficulties/changes
  • Preparation and follow-up of actions
  • Presentations, lectures and free discussions
  • Business etiquette
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Improvisation and entertainment
  • Methodological competence for every situation

The seminar takes place in homogeneous learning groups, i.e. for you: optimal learning conditions at the same professional level. This results in an economically feasible advanced training, because the condensed form of training enables you to receive a well-founded training with a clear advantage as regards time and money. Optionally, you can take an examination at the Hanseatic Certification Agency and achieve an independent and nationally recognized certification.

Suitable for: Trainers, consultants, specialists and managers.

Offene Seminare

Available seminars

Interactive presentation and moderation training
Improve your public speaking and presentation skills in front of groups.
In this workshop combining theory and practice, you will learn to inspire participants and make a lasting impression. Present succinctly, interestingly and convincingly and get all participants on board during the moderation. The event has practical relevance, i.e. there is one situation per participant from professional life which is “enacted” in the group.


  • Goal definition
  • Planning and preparation
  • Convincing and inspiring presentation
  • Your own appearance
  • Visualizing and listener-oriented moderation
  • Mastering media and techniques
  • Dealing with stage fright and blackouts
  • Mental training for success
Special feature: including interactive script and DVD for your own reflection.

Available seminar

Voice and speech training

Give your voice more room.

This workshop deals with correct speaking and effective use of your voice as a basis for successful and convincing communication. The aim is to improve your expressiveness and comprehensibility towards your conversation partners.


  • Body awareness and physical processes (voice production and voice tone)
  • Voice hygiene and relief
  • Systematic and successful use of the voice and the whole body

Available seminar

Negotiate successfully
Convince people, achieve goals.
The aim of the workshop is to teach communication and argumentation techniques as supporting factors in behavioral situations. The focus is on the sales context.


  • Success factors in communication
  • Communication models
  • Professional questioning techniques
  • Preparation as a success factor; the Harvard concept
  • Negotiation phases; negotiating in a team: Roles and tasks
  • Argumentation techniques and body language
  • Dealing with unfair negotiation methods

Available seminar

Introductory seminar “Can Empathy be Learned?”

Conscious handling and targeted use of emotions.

The aim of the seminar is to be able to steer conversations and negotiations better through increased understanding of the other party and thus to achieve more effective goals and results. The event comprises interactive training and coaching, i.e. there is one situation per participant from professional life which is “enacted” in the group.


  • Basics of human representation systems
  • Recognition of needs and motives
  • Better handling of own emotions and focusing on factual goals
  • Approaches of anticipatory thinking and acting

Available seminar