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On the basis of our many years of experience in all aspects related to “people”, we advise companies on all aspects of personnel and organizational development as well as crisis management and outplacement. We advise and coach individuals with regard to their professional and career planning or their personality development. We have further consulting expertise within the framework of our existing competence network in the areas of marketing and brand development, among others.

Corporate customers

Economic success through holistic consulting.

Our expertise in economic thinking goes hand in hand with our focus on people. Our consulting services therefore go beyond the mere “what” from analysis to forecast. In order to generate sustainable further development in accordance with our holistic approach, we have specialized in the “how” through methods, measures, work steps, etc.

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Private customers
Professional success through communicative performance.
In personal coaching, we focus on personal development and ensure professional success by increasing interactive and communicative performance in a targeted manner. We support you by offering practical solutions for your current professional challenges. All individual topics are welcome in this context; e.g. if you:
  • want to improve your communication and presentation skills
  • want to optimize your communication with colleagues, employees, customers or the public
  • strive for more leadership competence
  • want to increase the quality of your training and education
  • strive for a more goal-oriented approach
  • want to achieve better manners in business
  • are seeking more creative solutions to professional problems
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Note: The personal coaching and its contents are confidential; therefore, please keep in mind that there are no references to this service.